Vivo IFEA, a concept device with a removable selfie camera, wins the Red Dot Design Award

Vivo IFEA, a concept device with a removable selfie camera, wins the Red Dot Design Award

The concept of a module, or cell phone that can be salvaged, goes a long way in the world of technology.

Companies like LG and Motorola have introduced devices with this technology in the past, but in the background of not having enough customer attraction, those concepts have become mere concepts.

Meanwhile, the Vivo IFEA mobile phone with an attractive module or removable selfie camera recently won the “Red dot design award”, which allows the selfie camera on the device to be removed from the main device and placed anywhere else.

After separating the camera, it is capable of remote control and captures photos and videos from very subtle and different angles that are not available on a mobile phone.

This is a pop-up camera that is connected to the Pop-up module by a magnet, which manually removes, takes photos or videos, reconnects, and sinks back into the phone like a normal pop-up camera after leaving the camera app.

The Red Dot website points out that the ability to control the selfie camera with voice commands after removal has been a key factor in the device winning the “Red Dot design award”.

However, Vivo points out that the phone warns the user if there is a significant distance between the camera module and the phone, as the user may forget to reinstall the camera module after removing it.

The Red dot award is an annual award given by the German company “Red dot GmbH & Co.KG”, which allows designers to apply for categories such as Product Design, Brand Design, Communication Design and awards for the most creative design.

Vivo was the company that released the world’s first pop-up camera phone with the Vivo Nex, and later leading mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung, as well as companies such as OnePlus, Oppo, and Huawei, used this pop-up camera technology with various modifications to their devices. Could be seen doing.

However Vivo says that this device is currently just a concept device and hopes to continue to further evaluate how this device can be turned into a commercial device, so there is a huge chance that this device will become a reality.

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