Shall we organize your phone while you are at home?

Shall we organize your phone while you are at home?

The most used thing in our digital life is the phone we have; Technological tools have brought us closer to the world and taken away the freedom of our lives. So today we are going to talk about how to organize your phone productively under Digital Minimalism.

Let’s remove unwanted applications

How many apps are there in your phone, 70, 80 or 100 can be even more, so do you use all these? How many apps have not been opened in months? How many apps are there that you don’t even know exist? So take a moment and delete all these useless apps. And your phone definitely has a lot of other apps (ex: camera apps) so get rid of all these.

Keep only the apps you want. Also your phone comes with a lot of built in apps like calendar, reminder so you may be using these apps. They may also use apps from app developers like Google. But you don’t need two of the same app, do you? If you use the Google calendar app, why do you have a stock calendar app? Delete or disable such apps.

Let’s look at notification

The biggest obstacle to our freedom is this unnecessary notification. Even with every app you install on your phone, you get this annoying notification. Keep notification enabled on almost all communication apps on your phone. But do you need notifications for camera apps, editing apps, productivity apps, gaming apps or online shopping apps? No, so remove all notifications.

Think about how much social media apps like Instagram and Facebook consume in our time. So it is bad that we check them several times a day and remove these notifications as well. Just keep the notification badge if you want and you will know if there is anything new, but you will not be bothered. It doesn’t always bother me. So I said this in my use case, but in a nutshell, each one is different.

Look at the settings and features of the phone.

Your phone comes with a lot of features and settings so you may not need all of these because phone manufacturers make this device not specifically for us but for the majority. So take a moment to check the settings and features of your phone and turn off everything except the essentials. You can also get App Permissions under this. Why only give permission to your editing apps, GPS, microphone access and the apps you use. Especially only when using or ask next time for GPS. This will improve your battery life as well as your privacy.

Organize the home or user interface

Think of it this way: Divide most of your apps into categories like social, productivity, gaming, entertainment, photo and editing. Add them to separate folders or home pages. Then you know where you want it. This will help you to work faster. Also, if you use widgets, remove them if they do not work without keeping them beautiful. When you do this, you will feel great freedom. Also keep the apps you use most often on the front page or dock.

Be productive.

Make the phone a tool to do what you want fast all the time. You control the phone without letting the phone control you. Use a task manager, reminder app, notes, voice memo app, financial management app (spending manager) and password manager. Instead of just hanging on to the phone, get something useful from the phone.

Clean Gallery, Contacts, Email

Get rid of clutter you don’t need in apps like Gallery. Help duplicate photo finder apps to get rid of it all. This allows you to quickly find what you need and save storage. Use a service like Google Photos, you can quickly find what you want with Google’s recognition capabilities so this is a very valuable thing for those who have thousands of photos.

Also clean the contact, add any contacts to your favorites and remove the duplicate contacts from the duplicate finder app. Many others send thousands of emails from one service to their email app. So as much as possible, clear these. Also, keep a separate email for important stuff and another email for other sites and apps. Then you will be able to find what you need quickly. Also remove unwanted emails from social accounts; Just go to each social media site and give email notification very important. Because most of the emails have a lot of useless social media notifications.

So I hope all of this will help you find freedom in our digital lives. Also, make sure to use the digital well being features that come with the latest OS updates.

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