Scientists are working to introduce a robotic animated dolphin that can be used instead of real dolphins for the beauty of parks

Edge Innovation, a US animation firm, says the creation of robotic animated dolphins could reduce the number of real dolphins used in parks and aquariums.

There are currently more than 3,000 real dolphins in use in aquariums and parks around the world, some of which are said to have been caught illegally in rivers or oceans.

The agency points out that the use of robotic animated dolphins for parks and aquariums can reduce the damage to real dolphins.

The 2.5-meter-long dolphin cost between $ 5-7 million and was made of medical grade silicon skin.

Designed to be 100% identical to a real dolphin, this dolphin has the ability to mimic the activities of a real dolphin.

The main objective of this organization is to reduce the use of wildlife for parks, aquariums, circuses, etc., and some European countries have already taken steps to restrict or completely ban the use of wildlife for circuses.

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