Researchers at MIT University have developed a new device that can produce drinking water from dry air

Researchers at MIT University have developed a new device that can produce drinking water from dry air

Water has become a major factor in the survival of all forms of life, and it would be unnecessary to write more about it.

Water is such an important source that researchers have not been interested in moving away from freshwater systems and using other alternatives to produce freshwater, that is, the water we normally use.

Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – a private research university in Cambridge, UK) have long been successful in researching a technology that can extract freshwater from dry air. Has been.

They have developed a new device for this purpose and have improved the technology used in the first phase to reduce the cost and increase the water consumption obtained in the second phase.

In this case, the device simply absorbs the water droplets in the dry air by an absorb layer in the device and the water droplets absorbed by the heat of that layer by the sunlight are released as water.

The device is left outdoors overnight to absorb water droplets, and the next day the layer absorbs sunlight, causing the layer to heat up.

Therefore, due to the difference in air temperature between the condenser at the bottom and this layer, water droplets are released from the absorbed layer and the water can be added to another container.

The absorb materials used for the first stage are expensive and have limited supplies, but in the second stage they have resorted to using a material called Zeolite, which is a cheaper and more common material.

Also in this second stage the internal configuration of the device has been changed and it is more efficient in terms of heat circulation and water absorption than the original configuration.

However, the researchers point out that the process changes depending on the humidity of the air, the regularity of the sunlight, and so on.

However, there are already areas in the world that produce water through fog, and this device is important because it can produce water even at very low humidity levels.

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