Let’s get ready to test fastboot commands

Let’s get ready to test fastboot commands

Although I like to do Android Modifications, I am ready to write the 4th article in a series about Android Modifications that I started writing for those who miss it due to lack of basic knowledge. So far we have talked about how to boot the phone into Bootloader Mode and Bootloader Unlocking. Today we are going to talk about how to set up your phone and computer to use Fastboot Commands.

If there is any confusion, I will say again that Fastboot Mode and Bootloader Mode are one and the same. If we want to do Android Modifications from Fastboot Commands, there are a few basic things we need to do. The basic thing is to boot your phone into Fastboot / Bootloader Mode. We discussed earlier how to do this in great detail. In addition, let’s talk today about what should be.

You need a computer to execute Fastboot commands. You also need to install Fastboot Drivers on that computer. To get the Fastboot drivers you need for your phone, you need to go to the website of the manufacturer who made your phone. ADB / Fastboot drivers are usually available as a single file. USB drivers are the same drivers. Download and install it on your computer first.

There is another special thing, if the phone manufacturer itself gives you some ADB / Fastboot tools, as I said, you do not need SDK Platform Tools. Therefore, check whether the file downloaded from the phone manufacturer contains such information.

You need to type both fastboot and ADB commands as command line and execute. So people who are afraid of CLI and are not familiar with CLI have to get used to CLI a bit. I have to work with CLI going forward. (We will talk about ADB Commands later.)

If you are using a Windows operating system, you can download the SDK Platform Tools and create Environment variables for the extracted folder. How to do it on this web page is very well illustrated using diagrams. Alternatively, you can execute Fastboot commands by accessing the relevant folder through CMD.

This page describes how to access the System32 folder via CMD, but you need to go to the folder where you downloaded and extracted the platform tools. The method is the same, just change the steps to select the folder. As I said earlier, if the Environment Variables or paths were set, the latter would not be necessary.

Now the basic preparations are over. Next is to go to work. So I finally want to say this bit here. This is usually what anyone says when doing Android Modifications.

Do whatever I tell you to do and I will not take any responsibility for any damage or data loss to your phone. All this is done because of your decision to modify your phone, so I am not involved in any of that. So do not read this over and over again, but do not go to work unless you know how to search the internet and know the exact method.

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