How to fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

How to fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

Here’s how to stop Windows Disk Usage from going up.

The biggest problem for those who install and use Windows 10 OS on an HDD is that the Disk Usage is 100%. Then other applications get very lag and this starts to be a problem while playing games.

Why is this happening?

Running another Superfetch service on a Windows service (Sysmain in the latest Windows update) Because of malware Really because of disk issues So without further ado let’s see what these reasons are and how we can stop this .

Because of the SuperFetch Service

Simply put, SuperFetch is a method used to load temporary files in Windows so that we can see what apps we use most often and load the relevant apps and files quickly. Here it is always running in the background so the disk usage will increase. On an SSD this may seem like a bit of a stretch, but on an HDD it’s hard.

We can stop this. We don’t have a big problem with being stopped. Here’s how to do it,

Hold down the Windows Key and press R. Then the “run” window will appear. Type it like this


How to fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10
Enter services.msc

Now press the enter key.

In the next service window, select Superfetch, right click and stop. Then right click on it again and go to properties and disable the startup type and apply. Now close the services window.

that’s all. The work is done.

Because of a malware

In this case, all we have to do is update a Windows defender or other antivirus and run a full scan through it to remove the malware. In addition, you can try to remove recently installed cracked, Moded apps.

Actually due to disk issues,

In this case we can first run the Check Disk utility and see if there are any problems. Here’s how to do it,

Go to the Start Menu and search for “cmd”. When the Command Promp is shown, right click on it and run as administrator. Then when it opens with Admin Rights, type the following command and press enter key.

“chkdsk.exe / f / r”

chkdsk.exe / f / r
Enter chkdsk.exe / f / r

You will then be asked if you want to schedule Disk Check to run on the next reboot. You type “Y” on it and press enter key. Now reboot the pc and wait for the process to complete. In this case he will automatically find and repair disk errors.

If not, you will have to change the disk.

So this is how we stop 100% disk usage. Most of the time, disabling SuperFetch and rebooting will solve those problems.

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