Google is introducing a new feature called Hum to search that will make it easier to find unknown songs

You already know from experience that typing the words of a familiar song on Google is very easy to find or download.

Although you can easily find Sinhala or English songs as mentioned above, there is no doubt that you will have hundreds of songs that will be remembered only for the melody of other foreign songs where the words are not easily memorized.

So you try hard to find words for such songs and type them in Google, and maybe give up. The main reason for this is that we can remember the melody of many foreign songs but we do not remember the lyrics.

Google has come up with a solution to this problem, which will help you to find songs that completely forget the words, but only the melody.

Now you can experience this new feature called “Hum to search” on Google and all you have to do is press the mic in Google Search and hear “What is this song”. Then you have to whistle or sing or imitate the melody for about 10-15 seconds as you know it.

Here Google finds the closest song to the one you imitated, which currently supports about 20 popular languages, and Google says it supports both Android and iOS platforms.

Google says it supports up to 20 languages ​​for Android, but still only supports the English language for iOS.

Google also points out that you can also use this feature through Google Assistant by waking up Google Assistant as above.

What is technically done here is creating and storing a number-based sequence for the audio of popular songs, and the audio you provide is also converted into a number-based sequence by a machine learning algorithm. The algorithm then decides which sequence is most suitable and returns it as the search result.

So we hope that this new feature will help you to find songs that you can only memorize.

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