Forgot your password? Let’s use a good Password Manager.

Forgot your password? Let’s use a good Password Manager.

As our lives become more and more digitized and new social media platforms are introduced, all these accounts need a password to log in, right? So can you remember all this? Maybe you have the same password for every account, so use a good password manager without this hassle. Today we talk about that,

A password is a very personal thing to us. So we put the password in one of the accounts we create at a time. Sometimes you need that password again when you buy a new phone. At that time I do not remember what was put. Many people give insecure keep me logged in as lazy to enter this password in the browser. The best way to get rid of this headache is to have a password manager.

A good password manager has a lot of key features. The main thing is that we can save accounts and passwords. You do not have to go through this app separately. All you have to do is log in to any web site from your phone or computer browser. Then it will automatically ask you if you want to save the password manager. When you save here, you need to log in to that site. Your user name and password will be saved. When you log in again you can log in with biomatrix authentication without entering any of these. But this is the most basic feature of a password manager.

Most password managers have a password generator. So this password generator will create a random password for us. We can give as many as 30-40 characters as we want. This is very important, because such a password can not be guessed. This is more secure than a password we think. Because a lot of the passwords that we think of are related to us, such as the name of our pet, vehicle, the real name of your girlfriend or boyfriend, or any part of your name. They are easy to guess. Therefore, the security of a random password that we do not even know has increased and we do not need to remember it, so it fills up automatically, so there is no problem and it is secure.

Password manager can store not only digital accounts but also our credit card, debit card information and bank account details. Like many of you, this job is more secure than writing the pin of the debit card on a piece of paper and keeping it in your wallet and you can even save the details of your ID card, drivers license and student cards. It is very easy for you to find any information like this in a hurry. Not only this, you can also keep notices in secret.

Also a password manager will give us a lot of advice about the security of our accounts password and will also let you know how old your password is. Also, if there is a data leak on a website, if we have accounts on that web site, they will immediately give us a warning to change the password. It also gives us information on how many accounts you have entered the same password and how easy it is to guess your password. So these things can greatly increase the security of your passwords.

Some password managers come with code authenticators. These are also very important code authenticators that generate code from your two step verification. This is important for those of you who travel a lot, because if you change your phone number while traveling or lose your job, you may not be able to get the two step code on the flight. These two step pins can be easily obtained from a verified authenticator at such times.

Some password managers offer special features. They are dark web monitoring and email monitoring. These features not only allow you to see how many spammers your email address has been leaked to, but also how many spam emails you receive. Dark Web monitoring also checks to see if your account details have been leaked to the dark web. You can also be notified as soon as such a thing happens.

If you use a password manager, you only need to remember the master password of the password manager for life because you do not always need it because you can easily log in with the biomatrix security of your device. Also, any data given to these password managers will not go to the companies that create these apps. All of them will be backed up to your own cloud account under military grade encryption (ex: icloud, dropbox, google drive) and this password manager is one of the most famous platforms in the world. Works on almost everything. That means you have cross platform support. Then you will have no problem using Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS. Also, due to multiple device support, all your passwords will be automatically synced to all your devices.

You will understand that these password managers will be a great help to make our lives easier. Dashlane and 1Password are two of the best and most well-known password managers in the world today. There are many more password managers like these two so you too can make your digital life safe and easy with the help of these tools.

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