Elon musk announces Starlink space internet service ready for public use

Elon musk announces Starlink space internet service ready for public use

You may recall that on a number of previous occasions we worked to inform you about SpaceX’s Starlink project.

Recent developments in the project include the ability to access internet speeds of up to 100Mbps, especially during initial beta testing of the service, and in the meantime, allowing emergency response units in disaster-prone areas of the United States to use the service.

Last week, SpaceX placed another 60 satellites in low Earth orbit, bringing the total number of satellites to nearly 800.

In a Twitter message regarding the latest launch, Mr. Elon musk pointed out that the Internet service is now ready for public use.

He points out that this space internet service has the potential to be used for emergency services and in places where the Internet is not provided around the world.

Elon Musk is confident that the newly launched satellites 60 will be able to launch a fairly extensive public beta service in the United States and South Canada.

This allows anyone to access the Internet using a small antenna that acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

However, as we reported in the previous article, the service continues to be unpopular with astronomers, with SpaceX making it a priority to avoid such inconveniences from its satellites.

Even so, a recent report released at the workshop on Satellite Constellations 1 (Satcon 1 – a workshop discussing the impact of satellite constellations on astronomy) pointed out that no matter how much steps are taken to prevent it, the impact of this project on future generations of science programs That cannot be underestimated.

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